Getting started on

If you’re new to, expect to be in the alpha soon or are just curious what all the talk is about, I recommend checking out a few pages. 

The first is the FAQ. Here you will learn how to use the new platform and the latest on the conventions for posting, reposting, etc. Here, RP is used in place of RT. 

The second page is the app directory. Here you will find Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android and mobile web apps that are available or under development. Can’t decide which one to try? Try them all, or create a post asking for thoughts. If you’ve registered to beta test a mobile app and are still waiting, try

To see how fast the site is growing, check out Fascinating stuff. 

Want to search? There’s a site for that:

Another must-have if you’re using on Chrome browser is an extension called Succynct. It adds a ton of functionality to the website, including notifications of mentions and new followers and a “share” button that allows you to easily repost. (I replace “Shared” with RP because I like that shorter convention.)

Buffer already has integration, so you can post to Twitter (or other services) and (ADN for short) at the same time. Great blog post on why Buffer was an early believer in ADN. 

If you’re on Twitter, there are a couple of tools you can use to find your friends on Find your Friends is my favorite because you can follow ADN users directly from the results page. Friend Find will provide links to your Twitter friends on too. 

One thing to keep in mind about the friend finder tools: They assume that Twitter username is the same as ADN username. So, make sure it’s the same person by checking out the user’s ADN profile page. 

If you’re curious, there is a handy way to check your user ID. On your profile page, which you access by clicking on “My Posts”, hover over your username and you will see your number.


One of the biggest questions I’ve seen and received is about iPhone apps. There are several under development and a handful are accepting beta testers. One of the most popular and feature rich is AppApp. To beta test AppApp, sign up here

Once you’re in, the global feed (at least for now) is the place to hang out. Welcome new users as their first posts appear (“hello world”), jump into conversations or start your own, and reply to questions with a helpful link or offer an encouraging word as we all figure out this thing together. 

Want to chat or give me some feedback? Give me a shout: @willettjf.

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